Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dato’ Ahmad Merican’s contribution to the electronic media and entertainment industry of Malaysia throughout his long and illustrious career have been immense. Dubbed the “Grand Old Man of Television” by local media, Ahmad Merican has recorded many firsts in his life. In the 1950s, he was the first man to record the anthem, he conceptualized and administered Radio Malaya Orchestra and introduced the popular music series ‘Bintang RTM’, ‘Pertandingan Mencipta Lagu’ and ‘Malam Irama Malaysia’ that remains network hits for many years. Ahmad was also the first Malaysian to study at the world-famous Berklee School of music in Boston, USA and although acapable guitarist, he chose to pursue a career “behind-the-scene” and moved on to music production. Later in 1960’s Ahmad was one of the six pioneering producers that initiated Malaysian audiences, to the latest electronic media at that time – the television. During this period, Ahmad was responsible for launching the musical series “Bakat TV”, ’Juara Kugiran’ and ‘Pesta Dendang Rakyat’. After leaving RTM, Ahmad continued to play an active role in the development of Malaysian television, among them playing an instrumental role in the setting up of Malaysia’s first commercial TV network, TV3, and later as Vice President of Operations at NTV7 in its initial 2 years. Ahmad Merican currently sits on the broad o Malaysia’s International College of Music and on advisory panel at the Akademi Seni Kebangsaan (National Arts Academy).

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