Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Nawab hails from Penang is a well-known Malaysian composer in the country and still actively involved in his work until today. Throughout his career, he has produced more than 200 albums performed by popular and talented locals and foreign artists such as Hetty Koes Endang, Khatijah Ibrahim, Sudirman Hj. Arshad, Ramlah Ram, Broery Marantika dan others.
His popularity has proven of his quality work where he still manage to maintain and sustain his presence for more than thirty years in the music world in the midst of emergence of the many other young and versatile composers.
Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Nawab was also given the responsibility to compose the song entitled “Malaysia Truly Asia”, by Khatijah Ibrahim and had became the theme song to promote Malaysia internationally. Todate his great effort and contribution to the country musical arena, he was awarded a “Honarory Doctrate In Literature”, by University Putra Malaysia in the year 2000.

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