Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Haji Abdullah Bin Bahrim, or Dol Bahrim, as he was more popularly known, was born on 4 May 1917 in Kampung Limbungan, Melaka and was educated at the Sekolah Inggers Tengkera (Tengkera English School) and the High School, Bukit St. Paul. Dol Bahrim’s working life began as a Wireless Operator with the British Navy.When the Japanese army occupied Malaya, Dol’s work expierence with the British made him an obvious choice for the position of radio announcer with the Japanese radio, ‘Nippon Hoso Kyokai’. Here, Dol was the first Malay announcer to present Japanese Propaganda via the radio. Dol continued to work in radio even after Japanese left Malaya’s shores, serving with the then Radio Malaya (Malaysia) from 1944 until his retirement from Malaysian Broadcasting Department in 1972. While with the Broadcasting Depertment, Dol was also given the opportunity to attend a course with the London BBC in 1965. As a lyricist, Dol wrote for many of Jimmy Boyle’s famous tunes, such as ‘Putera Puteri’, ‘Kemegahan Negaraku’, ‘Idaman Kalbu’ and ‘Sang Bayu’. Dol once said that Jimmy Boyle often played his newly composed songs over the phone late into the night just to persuade Dol to pen the lyrics for the song. Favouring lyrics with a patriotic flavour, Dol’s work reflect the sentiments of the time, which were politically charged and spoke of love for the country. He died on 3 November 2002 at the age of 85.

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