Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Narawi is Head of Department at the Heritage Recourse Centre in the Sarawak Cultural Village where he is responsible for the preservation of cultural activities as well as heading the research program on arts and culture, organizing events and cultural festival, conducting the music classes and dancing workshops. His work as a Technical Producer have led him to be involved in the productions Rainforest World Music Festival since 1998 until 2001, Sarawak Ethnic Festival (Gawai Tourism Night) since 1996 until 2002, Sarawak Cultural Troupe to Citrawarna 2002, Sarawak Cultural Troupe to LIMA Langkawi 1999, producer for Tuku’ Kame’ – Rhythm of Rainforest 1999 and Gadang 2001, Valiha – Sape (Madagascar & Sarawak Music) Rentak Serumpun (Traditional Dance Music). Narawi lead the Tuku’ Kame’ and participated at the MTV Band Alert 1999 where they walk away with Grand Prix Award & MTV Breakthrough Award. Narawai is also the Music Facilitator for the music and dance courses at the National Arts Academy for the Lecturers of Malaysian Teachers Collage. Among the local and international performances he has been involved include the Warana Festival Australia 1986, ASEAN Folklore Festival Thailand 1988, Victor Harbour Folklore Festival Australia 1998, Volvo World Music Festival KL 2001, NATAS Singapore 1998 – 2000, LIFA Langkawi 2002 and Japan Music Festival 2003.

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